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gun safety tips

Safety Rules Related to Your Firearm.

  • Make sure your firearm is in good mechanical condition before firing it. Periodically have your firearm checked for signs of erosion, cracking, or wear by the factory, by a qualified armorer, or by a factory certified gunsmith.
  • Never try to fire a gun which may have a plugged or partially obstructed barrel.
  • Insure that any modifications made to a firearm are made by a qualified individual, and that those modifications don’t interfere with your firearm’s safety features.
  • Be sure all accessories, such as holsters and grips, are compatible with the firearm and won’t interfere with its safe operation.
  • Remember: a backup firearm carried about your person may be highly valuable to you in the event your primary firearm is ever rendered inoperable or is taken from you by an assailant.

Safety Rules Related to Your Target.

  • Never shoot at a hard surface, or at water — your shot may glance off, ricochet and injure someone.
  • Never shoot at glass bottles, living trees, or inappropriate targets which would create a hazard for other persons or damage the environment.
  • Never shoot a rifle or handgun directly upwards, or at a high angle of elevation. Even a rimfire .22 bullet fired at an angle into the air can have enough energy a mile and a half away to accidentally kill someone!
  • Never vandalize a road sign (or other public or private property) by using it as a target.
  • Never poach a game animal out of season, or shoot any game animal you don’t intend to eat.

Safety Rules Related to the Shooter and His Behavior.

  • Treat every firearm as if it were loaded.
  • Never pass a firearm to another person, or accept a firearm from another person, until the cylinder or action is open and you’ve personally checked that the weapon is completely unloaded.
  • Before handling any firearm, understand its operation.
  • Think before shooting: once you pull the trigger you can’t take back the shot you’ve just fired!
  • Be alert at all times; never shoot if you’re tired, cold or impaired in any way. Don’t mix alcohol or drugs with shooting.
  • Don’t sleep with a loaded firearm in your bedroom if you sleepwalk, have nightmares, sleep restlessly or have other sleep problems.