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Buying a firearm online from Diamondback Firearms or even cz pistols is a great choice for those looking for reliable, high-quality guns. With a variety of pistols and rifles, Diamondback Firearms offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a new handgun for home protection, or an AR-15 for hunting and shooting sports, Diamondback Firearms has an extensive selection of firearms in stock. All firearms come with a lifetime warranty, and you can rest assured that all products are made with quality materials that are built to last. With competitive pricing and easy online ordering, you’ll be sure to get the gun you need at a price you can afford. With Diamondback Firearms, you can be sure you’re getting quality firearms when you buy online.

Buy Guns Online from your premiere gun online shop. Shopping for firearms online can often feel overwhelming. Sigma Gun Store wants to make sure you can locate what you need quickly and without frustration. We’ve organized our inventory to make things easy to get to. Know exactly what you want? It’s easy to find. Want to compare? Use our search and filter tools to narrow down to the right guns. We have a variety of high grade and brand new firearms to choose from. Our firearm brands available in stock are; CZ, DiamondBack and Desert Tech MDRX. Go through our gun shop to buy firearms online today.

The Diamondback DB15 Also Available In Stock!

If you are on the hunt for a quality, reliable rifle that won’t break the bank then you should definitely check out the Diamondback DB15. This semi-automatic rifle has been crafted with the utmost precision and care. It is the perfect choice for any enthusiast looking for accuracy, versatility, and reliability at an affordable price. With many different configurations and models to choose from, you can find the perfect one for your particular needs. The DB15 is lightweight and has an ergonomically designed stock and trigger guard – making it comfortable to fire and easy to transport. Get your hands on one today and experience the quality for yourself!

Also available in stock is the Diamondback AR15 rifle for sale. The Diamondback AR15 rifle is a high-quality rifle designed for reliable performance and accuracy. It is perfect for hunting, target shooting, or personal protection. This rifle is now available in stock for purchase. It features a forged 7075-T6 Aluminum receivers and 16″ 4150 Chrome Moly average barrel. This rifle is sure to provide consistent accuracy for any shooter. It is machined with M4 feed ramps for reliable feeding and comes standard with a 30-round magazine. The Diamondback AR15 rifle is an affordable and reliable firearm that will suit any shooter’s needs.

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Brand New CZ Pistols Also Available For Sale

Are you looking for a brand new CZ pistol? We have just what you need! Our selection of CZ pistols includes a wide variety of models, sizes, and calibers, making it easy to find the best fit for your individual needs. All of our CZ pistols are made with high-quality materials and crafted for maximum performance and accuracy. You can rest assured that you are getting a reliable piece of equipment when you purchase one of our CZ pistols. Whether you are a collector or looking for a dependable and accurate pistol for self-defense, you can find what you need right here. Get a brand new CZ pistol now and experience the power and accuracy that CZ pistols offer.

We pride ourselves in bringing in a variety of CZ pistols, Diamondback firearms and Desert Tech MDRX firearms, from the most affordable to the most exclusive. Our goal is to make sure you get the best quality gun at the most affordable price without any hassle. We do the legwork of determining if the FFL store being delivered to has a valid license and make sure everything works for your safety. Browse our gun shop for more exquisite brand new firearms.

Our selection of CZ Pistols and CZ Shotguns are now available for sale online! With these guns, you can experience the legacy of CZ’s legendary craftsmanship. We offer a wide variety of CZ pistols and shotguns to fit any shooter’s needs. From the classic CZ Scorpion, to the legendary CZ 75, to the modern CZ P-09, our selection has something for everyone. All of our guns are precision-crafted from the finest materials and feature superior ergonomics and accuracy. Whether you are looking for a handgun for self-defense or a shotgun for hunting, our selection of CZ firearms has you covered. Shop online today and get your new CZ pistol or shotgun delivered straight to your door.

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We Are Featuring Real Quality Desert Tech Firearms For Sale

Here at Sigma Gun Store, we are proud to feature a wide selection of Desert Tech firearms for sale. Their innovative designs and superior engineering make Desert Tech firearms ideal for shooting enthusiasts. From long range precision rifles to small caliber submachine guns, Desert Tech has a firearm for every purpose and every budget. Their commitment to quality ensures that every firearm in our store is of the highest quality and will provide years of reliable service. So if you’re looking for a trusted and reliable firearm, look no further than Desert Tech. We are confident that you will find the perfect firearm for your needs here at Sigma Gun Store.









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Our Diamondback Firearms For Sale Are Simply The Best!

Our selection of Diamondback Firearms for sale are simply the best when it comes to quality, performance and affordability. With features such as ambidextrous controls, interchangeable magazine wells, and ergonomic designs, our Diamondback Firearms are built to last and perfect for novice and expert shooters alike. With a wide range of model types available, from rimfire to center fire and pistols to rifles, we have the perfect Diamondback firearm for every shooter and their needs. Shop with us today and find the perfect Diamondback firearm for you!

Diamondback Firearms and Diamondback DB15 rifles are simply the best in terms of reliability, quality, and performance. The Diamondback Firearms DB15 series is specially designed for any shooter who is looking for an easy-to-handle, lightweight AR-15 platform, and comes in a variety of configurations. This series of rifles is sure to help you stay ahead of the competition with unrivaled accuracy and dependability, combined with ease of use. The Diamondback DB15 is made from high-quality parts and comes with a lifetime warranty, so you know you are getting a durable and dependable rifle that will stand the test of time. Whether you are a professional or a beginner shooter, the Diamondback DB15 is the perfect fit for just about any situation.



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CZ 457


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Diamondback Firearms offers a wide selection of firearms to ensure your safety and that of your family. Our guns come with the latest safety features to provide the highest level of protection. Our stock includes all the latest models of quality firearms, from handguns to shotguns and rifles. We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers by providing them with reliable and dependable firearms. We make sure our guns are easy to handle and maintain, so you can feel comfortable and secure when handling them. With Diamondback Firearms, you can rest assured that you and your family are in safe hands with our firearms for sale.

Safety Rules Related to the Shooter and His Behavior.

  • Treat every firearm as if it were loaded.
  • Never pass a firearm to another person, or accept a firearm from another person, until the cylinder or action is open and you’ve personally checked that the weapon is completely unloaded.
  • Before handling any firearm, understand its operation.
  • Think before shooting: once you pull the trigger you can’t take back the shot you’ve just fired!
  • Be alert at all times; never shoot if you’re tired, cold or impaired in any way. Don’t mix alcohol or drugs with shooting.
  • Don’t sleep with a loaded firearm in your bedroom if you sleepwalk, have nightmares, sleep restlessly or have other sleep problems.

Safety Rules Related to Your Firearm.

  • Make sure your firearm is in good mechanical condition before firing it. Periodically have your firearm checked for signs of erosion, cracking, or wear by the factory, by a qualified armorer, or by a factory certified gunsmith.
  • Never try to fire a gun which may have a plugged or partially obstructed barrel.
  • Insure that any modifications made to a firearm are made by a qualified individual, and that those modifications don’t interfere with your firearm’s safety features.
  • Be sure all accessories, such as holsters and grips, are compatible with the firearm and won’t interfere with its safe operation.
  • Remember: a backup firearm carried about your person may be highly valuable to you in the event your primary firearm is ever rendered inoperable or is taken from you by an assailant.

Safety Rules Related to Your Target.

  • Never shoot at a hard surface, or at water — your shot may glance off, ricochet and injure someone.
  • Never shoot at glass bottles, living trees, or inappropriate targets which would create a hazard for other persons or damage the environment.
  • Never shoot a rifle or handgun directly upwards, or at a high angle of elevation. Even a rimfire .22 bullet fired at an angle into the air can have enough energy a mile and a half away to accidentally kill someone!
  • Never vandalize a road sign (or other public or private property) by using it as a target.
  • Never poach a game animal out of season, or shoot any game animal you don’t intend to eat.